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Spain's El Niño lottery dished out the top prize of 100 million euro ($120 million) on Saturday to holders of the ticket number 5,685, which was sold entirely in the northern city of Bilbao.

All of the winning tickets were sold by one outlet in the Bilbao district of Deusto, while some of them went to a bar in a neighboring area of the city.

Spain's lotteries only print up to 100,000 tickets, meaning an identical ticket number can be bought by multiple players, leading to more than one winner.

The second prize, worth 37.5 million euro in total, went to number 18,442 and was shared out to ticket holders across Spain, including in the Galician town of Vilalba in the northwest, which had seen a payout of 520 million euro in Christmas lottery prize money on Dec. 22.

The 12.5 million euro third prize went to holders of ticket number 23,282 in the town of Yecla in the southern region of Murcia.

The draw also dished out smaller prizes totaling some 700 million euro.

El Niño, which this year was held in the central city of Ávila, is the second most important lottery for Spain after the Christmas lottery.

The lottery is drawn annually on Jan. 6 on the feast of the Epiphany of Jesus, which is also known as Three Kings' Day and is a national holiday in Spain.

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